Our DFW Community

If you’re looking for a beautiful, all-American community in which to live, work, raise a family, or even retire, you can’t go wrong with the gorgeous Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area! These stunning cities and their surrounding neighborhoods offer something for everyone, and have grown over the decades to become one of the most well-known throughout the United States. Check out some reasons why the staff at The Town Mall are proud to call the Dallas-Fort Worth area home, and why you’re sure to love it as well.

The Weather

While most of Texas is known for its heat especially during summer months, average temperatures in the Dallas-Fort Worth area rarely reach the upper 90s. During winter time, you’re also not likely to see temperatures below freezing! If you prefer sunny summertime weather and don’t want to concern yourself with shoveling snow throughout winter months, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is the place to be.

The Job Market

If you’re concerned about a fluctuating economy and job stability, consider a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Over the past few years, Dallas and nearby Fort Worth have seen one of the largest percentages of job growth in the country, and that includes jobs in virtually every sector of the economy, from services to government positions. That statistic should be no surprise, as Dallas is home to over 20 of the 500 largest companies in the U.S., including Exxon Mobil, American Airlines, and AT&T.

While the cost of living in Dallas is about 2% higher than national averages, salaries also ranked higher as well! Annual salaries in Dallas typically hit the upper $50,000 range while some 16% of jobs listed are typically considered “grad friendly,” meaning Dallas and Fort Worth are excellent places to start your career!

Public Transit and Bike Trails

More and more consumers today are foregoing private car ownership, to eliminate the expense of car maintenance as well as parking costs, toll roads, and the like. Car services like Uber and Lyft have made it easier to go without your own vehicle, while the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth are even more friendly to those who prefer to live without a car in the driveway!

One consideration is the Dallas-Fort Worth public transit system, consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation. The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) systems offers over 60 railway stations, 10 express stations, and more than a dozen bus transfer stations.

To get some exercise while getting around town, you might also consider investing in a bike! The Dallas-Fort Worth area offers over 100 miles of biking and hiking trails right through the city! The warm weather means not having to manage snow and slush while riding and specified trails also keep you safe from oncoming vehicle traffic.

So Much to See and Do!

Another great reason to consider a move to the Dallas-Fort Worth area no matter your age or family situation is that there is always so much to see and do! The kids are sure to enjoy visiting the Dallas Zoo and Six Flags Over Texas, while sports lovers will never get bored when following the Cowboys, Mavericks, and other major league teams.

For those who prefer quieter activities, there are many museums and botanic gardens throughout the DFW area, as well as historic sites offering tours and gift shops. If you love to go out, it’s estimated that there is one bar for every 190 or so Dallas-Fort Worth residents! The cities also offer lots of festivals, concerts, fairs, and other planned activities throughout the year.

Dallas is also just a short 270 miles from the ocean, allowing you to enjoy a weekend by the water without needing a plane ticket or tons of time and cash. Many Dallas-Fort Worth residents make their way to Galveston and other such seaside cities regularly, often without having to take time off work or worry about a house sitter.

If you’re looking for an amazing place to live, consider all these reasons to take a closer look at the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Most current residents will tell you that they love these cities and never want to leave, and no doubt you’ll feel the same once you arrive.