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Lake Texoma is one of the largest reservoirs in the United States and is the 12th largest Corps of Engineers lake.  Its surface spreads over 89,000 acres at the convergence of the Red and Washita Rivers, which is bordered on the south side by The State of Texas and the north side by The State of Oklahoma. The normal conservation water elevation varies from 615 to 619 ft with 617 being considered the normal elevation. For the lake to crest the dam's spillway, it must reach a height of 640 ft above sea level (the Denison dam is 30 feet higher than the spillway). This has only happened twice; once in 1957, and again on May 6, 1990, when the lake reached the highest lake level record at 644.76 feet above sea level. That's about 4 and 3/4 feet above the spillway level.  On July 7, 2007, Lake Texoma lake reached the 640.00 height for only the 3rd time in Lake Texoma's history. Click thumbnails below to see new pictures of the Lake Texoma's Spillway and the Denison Dam as taken on July 6th through July 14, 2007. 

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Lake Texoma at the Denison Dam - Texas side of the lakeDenison Dam and Lake Texoma were authorized for construction by the Flood Control Act approved June 28, 1938 by Congress, for flood control and generation of hydroelectric power. The construction of Texoma's dam was started in August 1939 and completed in February 1944 at a cost of seventy eight million dollars. When completed in 1944, Denison Dam was America's largest rolled, earth-filled dam. The dam is now the 12th largest in volume in the United States. The project was put into operation for flood control in January 1944. The first hydroelectric turbine was placed in operation in March 1945 and a second unit in September 1949. The power-intake structure will permit future installation of three additional power units when needed.

Lake Texoma has acquired the reputation as one of the premier fishing lakes in the Southwestern United States. The lake was stocked with striped bass in the late 1960s, and has proven to be an excellent habitat for them. It is one of the seven U.S. inland lakes where the striped bass reproduce naturally, instead of being farmed and released into the waters. The "stripers" feed on large schools of shad, and often reach sizes of 35 pounds. As pictured to the left, this 118 1/2 pound National Record Blue Catfish was caught May 4, 1988 at Cumberland Cove Resort. In 2004, a blue catfish was pulled from Lake Texoma (Texas side of course) weighing in at 121.5 pounds, temporarily setting a world weight record for rod and reel caught catfish. More commonly, catfish in Lake Texoma normally weigh anywhere from 5 up to about 60 pounds. The Lake Texoma waters are also home to several other species of fish, including crappie, white bass, black bass, bluegill, gar, pike, sunfish, and drum. 

Historically, Texas and Oklahoma have not had a reciprocal fishing license agreement, which has posed a problem for anglers and where they may fish. Recent boundary resolutions have given Oklahoma jurisdiction over most of the fishing in Lake Texoma. An Oklahoma fishing license allows fishing most of the lake, up to within 400 yards of Denison Dam. To be able to fish the entire lake, a Lake Texoma fishing license is the way to be sure you'll legal in both Texas and Oklahoma. From fishing off the bank in a quiet cove to angling the open water of the lake, the option is available at Lake Texoma. It is easy to see why fishing is so popular on Lake Texoma and why Lake Texoma is one of the most creative fishing spots in the United States.

Lake Texoma is managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District. Click here to visit their website.

Click on Thumbnails below to see Pictures of Lake Texoma, Denison Dam, & Lake Texoma Spillway pictures

Lake Texoma spillway as seen from the south side Picture of water being released through Lake Texoma's Dam (Denison Dam)
Picture of intake station for controlled releases of water on Lake Texoma Picture of Lake Texoma spillway within 1/2 inch of going over the spillway
Picture of Lake Texoma's spillway at 640.07 feet above sea level Aerial picture of Lake Texoma's Spillway at normal elevation Lake Texoma Spillway with lake at 640.68 feet above sea level Lake Texoma Spillway with lake at 640.68 feet above sea level Lake Texoma Spillway with lake at 640.68 feet above sea level Picture of Lake Texoma, Denison Dam controlled release
Lake Texoma water level history
Date Avg. Normal Current Difference Real Time Lake Level Feed (Army Corp)
May 6, 1990 Record Level 644.76 +27.76

Lake Texoma real time lake level stats

Jun. 15 1995 617.00 633.86 +16.86
Mar. 2, 2001 617.00 627.47 +10.47
May 1, 2006 617.00 616.23 -0.77
Aug. 1, 2006 617.00 613.80 -3.20
Sep. 1, 2006 617.00 612.06 -4.94
Jan. 1, 2007 617.00 614.62 -2.38
Jun. 1, 2007 617.00 623.04 +6.04
July 1, 2007 617.00 632.27 +15.27
July 13, 2007 617.00 640.75 +23.75
Sep. 01, 2007 617.00 622.67 +5.67
May 18, 2009 617.00 629.06 +11.93
Oct. 31, 2009 617.00 620.49 +3.49
Jan. 29, 2010 617.00 615.96 -1.04
Sep. 5, 2010 617.00 616.37 -0.63

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