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Pekingese Description

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Pekingese History
The Pekingese or 'Peke' is truly an Imperial dog, with a history dating back as far as 2000 B.C.  For Centuries the Pekingese was worshipped in the temples of China, and was custom for the emperor to select four Pekes who were to become his bodyguards.  These four Pekes would precede the emperor on occasions of state, daintily holding the hem of his royal robe in their mouths.  The smaller Pekes would reside in the emperor's sleeve.  Theft of a Peke, or injury to one of them was considered to be a crime punishable by death. In 1898 the first Pekingese came to America.  They were admitted to the A.K.C. registry in 1906. Pekingese has since been extremely popular in the USA, ranking in the top 25 on the AKC's registrations listing.

A.K.C. Standard
The Pekingese is a well-balanced, compact dog with heavy front and lighter hindquarters.  It must suggest its Chinese origin in its directness, independence, individuality and expression.  Its image is lionlike.  It should imply courage, boldness and self-esteem rather than prettiness, daintiness or delicacy.

Pekingese Traits
The Pekingese is also know as the "Lion Dog", with their full mane, and pear shaped body they do resemble the king of the jungle.  It is often said, should the peke meet his namesake, the lion, he may be undaunted, he has no fear of animals many times his size.  Pekingese do not bark just for the sake of barking.  They love to romp and play, or just sit quietly by your side for hours.  They make good apartment dogs, as they do not require a lot of space for exercise.

Pekingese are hardy little dogs, with the stamina much greater than their size.  Most Pekes have very clean habits, and love getting groomed.  They love to show off, standing as tall as they can, stretching their paws upwards towards you, and speaking for your attention.

Pekingese Size and Colorings
The peke can weigh from six to fourteen pounds.  Six and under is considered a 'sleeve'.  Ten to twelve pounds is the average weight.  Over fourteen is a disqualification under the A.K.C. show standards.  The peke comes in many colorings, such as - white, black, black&white parti, cream, red, fawn sable.

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