One of the many factors that set Dallas-Fort Worth apart from other cities is that homeowners and business owners take a great deal of pride in their property’s appearance! Along with ensuring a residential or commercial property looks its best, Dallas-Fort Worth area homeowners and business owners also know the importance of a safe property in good repair.

To assist property owners with ensuring their driveways, walkways, and commercial parking lots are always in excellent condition and looking like new, Dallas Asphalt Paving provides topnotch installation and asphalt repairs in Dallas-Fort Worth, with a keen eye for detail and exceptional customer service that can’t be beat. That’s one of many reasons why Dallas Asphalt Paving is in this month’s small business spotlight!

Why Choose Asphalt Paving in Dallas-Fort Worth

To better understand why Dallas Asphalt Paving is so in demand with area property owners, first consider some benefits of asphalt paving for Dallas-Fort Worth area homes and businesses especially as compared to concrete and other such materials. Asphalt is naturally bumpy which means added traction and less risk of slipping and sliding, especially on wet or icy pavement. The dark material of asphalt paving in Dallas-Fort Worth also means less risk of glare during those bright Texas summers!

The soft, porous surface of asphalt paving in Dallas also absorbs noise and vibration, a very vital consideration for busy production facilities and other businesses or homes located near congested highways. An asphalt installation in Dallas-Fort Worth is also typically cheaper than concrete, so you can pave a large lot or driveway without worrying about the cost!

What You Need to Know About Asphalt Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

An asphalt installation in Dallas-Fort Worth is an excellent choice for any property owner, as it’s durable and meant to last for years. However, it’s also vital that property owners choose the right thickness of asphalt for a Dallas-Fort Worth property, to protect against potholes and other such excessive wear and tear.

Motor oil and other petroleum-based fluids break down asphalt, so remember to have your asphalt paving in Dallas-Fort Worth power washed on a regular basis. Pressure washing removes motor oil, lawn care chemicals, and other corrosive materials, ensuring your asphalt lasts as long as possible.

A chip seal for a Dallas-Fort Worth property is also an excellent choice for repairing potholes, spalling, and other surface damage, and for giving your asphalt a fresh new look. Chip sealants provide a great background for fresh parking lines and other markings on a commercial property and restore the look of an asphalt driveway.

Why We’re Spotlighting Dallas Asphalt Paving

With so many asphalt paving companies in Dallas-Fort Worth from which to choose, why are we spotlighting Dallas Asphalt Paving? One reason is their reputation for excellent customer service, which is needed when it comes to asphalt and other paving material installation. Most property owners don’t know the first thing about asphalt, concrete, and other such materials, and rely on their asphalt paving contractor in Dallas-Fort Worth to answer their questions and provide sound advice.

Dallas asphalt paving is also more complicated than many property owner realize, as there are various aggregates from which to choose, for a more attractive or safer surface. The foundation or base of that asphalt paving on a Dallas-Fort Worth property also need proper prep work, to keep that new paving material sound and stable for years to come.

At The Town Mall, we’re proud of the services we offer Dallas-Fort Worth residents and know that Dallas Asphalt Paving is just as proud of their services as well! They have proven themselves to be a stellar company with an excellent reputation for quality products and services, which is why we’re happy to shine our spotlight on them and those services!